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OnlyFans is a platform that allows for the monetization of social media content, which has grown significantly during the pandemic. Although it is commonly associated with adult content, this is not entirely true – many people on OnlyFans are also involved in sports, gaming, or music. In recent years, this platform has gained popularity in Poland, as evidenced by the increasing number of Polish profiles. Which Polish celebrities have their profiles on OnlyFans and which ones are worth following?


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Below we present 10 Polish OnlyFans profiles. Their selection is entirely subjective – they include some of the largest profiles, those most searched on Google, and those that we consider the best and subscribe to ourselves.

OnlyFans Poland – who from our country has their own profile on this platform?


Bunny Marthy – OnlyFans

Bunny Marthy is a creator of spicy content from Poland. She is the first Polish woman to receive the highly valued XBIZ Award for being the best camgirl of 2020. She has been streaming for many years, initially on Polish websites, later moving to international platforms.
Her more modest content can be found on Twitter and Instagram, while those seeking more explicit content should visit her Pornhub, Patreon, or YouTube channels, where she publishes her ASMR content. She also runs her blog, and nearly 300,000 people follow her Chaturbate account.

She is valued for the high quality of her content, which she also produces herself.

Sheeya – OnlyFans

Sheeya, or Klaudia Kołodziejczyk, is a Polish influencer, YouTuber, and personal trainer born in 2001. She runs her website where she creates diet and exercise plans. She was also supposed to become a Fame MMA star, but unfortunately, an injury prevented her from participating.

She has profiles on various social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, where she has over 200,000 followers. She is also one of the most recognizable Polish women running her profile on the OnlyFans platform. Online, you can find interviews with her, in which she presents her approach to OnlyFans and sees nothing wrong with showing her body on the Internet.

Mini Loona – OnlyFans

Mini Loona is undoubtedly one of the most attractive Polish girls on OnlyFans. Her popularity is evidenced by the fact that she is one of the highest-earning girls from Poland – she can earn up to half a million zlotys a month. She is also in the top 0.03% of the highest-earning people on this platform.

Mini Loona states online that having a profile on OnlyFans is a job like any other for her, and she always wanted to do something cool. Moreover, she emphasizes that it is hard work and takes up a lot of her time because she wants her content to be of high quality.

Her profile can also be found on Instagram and TikTok.

Zusje – OnlyFans

Zusje is definitely one of the most famous people on our list. Kamila Smogulecka, whose real name is Zusje, has been conquering the Polish show business for some time – initially as a model and music video star under the pseudonym Luxuria Astaroth, and more recently as Zusje trying to develop her music career, running her YouTube channel, and fighting in Fame MMA.

Zusje was born in 1995, and her unique appearance is due to her Eastern roots. On Zusje’s OnlyFans channel, you can find plenty of her more explicit content.


Dagmara Szewczyk – OnlyFans

Dagmara Szewczyk is a well-known model and influencer in Poland – currently, you may know her from the fights in Fame MMA, and she was also a ring girl at many events. This has made her recognizable, and she is currently followed by several hundred thousand people online.

Dagmara is almost the same age as Zusje, who was her opponent at the first Fame MMA event – she was born in 1996. In addition to her OnlyFans account, you can also follow her on Instagram, where she has almost 235,000 followers. Will you join? It’s worth it, especially since Dagmara recently decided to have a breast augmentation.

Monika Laskowska – OnlyFans

Monika Laskowska is called the Best Polish Journalist, a nickname she earned thanks to numerous interviews with Fame MMA fighters. You may also recognize her from her roles in many Polish TV series, such as Prawo Agaty, Klan, or Przyjaciółki, and she has also hosted programs like Tele Gra.

Monika was born in 1976, which clearly sets her apart from the other girls on our list, but don’t let those numbers fool you – her body is enviable even to teenagers. In addition to her OnlyFans account, you can follow Monika on Instagram, where almost 100,000 users are tracking her.

Flychanelle – OnlyFans

Ada Śledź, the real name of the girl hiding behind the pseudonym Flychanelle, has already achieved considerable success – she was Miss Teen in 2016, appeared in the popular reality show “Love Island”, and is currently known for her MMA fights.

Ada is one of the youngest distinguished on this list – she was born in 1999. Flychanelle, in addition to her OnlyFans account, also runs an Instagram account where she shares quite explicit photos with her fans.

Alessja – OnlyFans

Alessja, also known as Aleksandra Kalus, is undoubtedly one of the most original creators on our list, and at the same time, one of the most mysterious – she describes herself as a gamer and the mother of a cute kitten.

On her Instagram profile, you will find many quite spicy photos and cosplay, and on her OnlyFans profile, even more explicit photos.


For now… that’s all – we’ve presented you with eight of the best Polish OnlyFans profiles. We constantly update our list, so check back more often; maybe soon, a new, hot Polish name will appear on it!

Frequently Asked Questions about Polish OnlyFans – FAQ

Which famous Polish celebrities and influencers have their profiles on OnlyFans?
On Polish profiles on OnlyFans, you can find a variety of content. Bunny Marthy is known for creating very spicy content, although she also has profiles with more subdued content on other platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram. Sheeya, being an influencer and personal trainer, might share content related to fitness, although her OnlyFans profile may contain more personal and daring photos. Mini Loona, Zusje, Dagmara Szewczyk, and other highlighted individuals also publish spicier content, which can vary depending on their personal style and what they want to present to their followers. Many of them emphasize the quality and originality of their content, and some, like Alessja, combine it with other interests, such as cosplay.

What are the most popular Polish profiles on OnlyFans according to the presented ranking?

According to the presented article, the choice of profiles is subjective and is based on popularity, the number of Google searches, and the personal preferences of the author. Among those highlighted are Bunny Marthy, Sheeya, Mini Loona, Zusje, Dagmara Szewczyk, Monika Laskowska, Flychanelle, and Alessja.

Do Polish OnlyFans profile holders treat it as their main source of income or rather an additional activity?

Based on the information provided, some of them treat OnlyFans as their main source of income. For example, Mini Loona says that having a profile on OnlyFans is a job like any other for her and she always wanted to engage in content creation. She also emphasizes that it is hard work that takes up a lot of her time. Other people might treat it as an additional activity alongside other projects and activities on social media.



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